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What is Hope Florida?

Hope Florida serves as a connection point for community collaboration between the public and private sector, faith-based communities, and nonprofits. Through the efforts of our Hope Navigators, we are going beyond government to create a pathway for Floridians to live up to their God-given potential and accomplish the American Dream – ultimately achieving prosperity and economic self-sufficiency.

What are Hope Navigators?

Hope Navigators are the key to what makes the Hope Florida Model different. These experts work hand-in-hand with individuals to identify their unique barriers to prosperity and engage all sectors of the community to be a crucial part of the solution.

Whether it’s lack of resources, skills, opportunities, or basic necessities like a warm dinner, our Hope Navigators are there to listen and help. Together, Hope Navigators and Floridians identify long-term goals and develop a strategic plan to make success a reality.

Get Help

We are dedicated to bringing together the vast resources of our community, breaking down barriers and silos, to create a seamless network of support. When you call 850.300.HOPE, you’ll be connected to a caring Hope Navigator, ready to guide you on an individualized pathway to achieve prosperity, economic self-sufficiency and hope.

Hope Florida serves single parents, individuals on government assistance, youth aging out of foster care, individuals with unique abilities and their families, Florida seniors, juvenile justice youth and our brave Florida veterans among many others.

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Give Help

Hope Florida provides new avenues for Floridians looking to help, offering strategic ways to contribute to real-time and long-term solutions for your neighbors in need.

Whether you have long been on the front lines of serving your community or are looking for a new opportunity to give back, Hope Florida can connect you to Florida families and individuals reaching out for support.

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